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modSanctum Guide

In this section we break down all aspects of modSanctum and what we have planned.

What is modSanctum?

modSanctum is a community run modding website for video games. Our primary focus is providing the tools and education needed to successfully develop and launch modifications for video games.

Our secondary focus is providing programmers, texture artists, 3d artists, graphic artists, voice actors and all other content creators an on-ramp to career opportunities.

We are currently registered as a 501c3 and intend on being a Non-profit organization for modders. While we cannot guarantee we will be able to acquire a Non-profit license, we can guarantee that modSanctum will remain true to what it is. A home for modders, built by modders, run by modders!

Quick Overview

Ok let’s get into it…

modSanctum is a network of sites.  Sort of like on Google where you have various apps you have access to only you use 1 username and password to access everything.

At this time modSanctum consists of 5 main sections and several major features that span across the entire network:

Woven within all of these sections is a very detailed and robust Gamification system which I will also explain in detail. It is a critical part of how modSanctum will control access to certain areas of the site, various ranks, voting rites, skills and other activities the community can participate in that will help shape the future of modSanctum. Like becoming a board member!

Our Vision

Why a Non-Profit?

We at modSanctum take pride in our approach towards mod hosting. It is our vision to provide the most conducive platform for mod authors, voice actors, artists, and programmers to create and enhance their skills. While many hosting sites focus solely on downloads, we focus on empowering content creators to create the best possible mods. 

We believe that by providing these creators with the right tools, they can unlock their full potential, leading to better mods. We want to emphasize that our core mission is centered around the creators, who play a paramount role in modSanctums future.

Many have asked why build a non-profit?  The answer is simple not only did we want to provide an onramp for career opportunities, but we wanted to put the community in control. This is one of the main reasons we “Gamified” modSanctum. 

Using a ranking structure we can eventually create a “Board of Game Modders”  who help shape the direction of modSanctum.

We also wanted to make it clear that we are building this for the community.  We are building this because the community needs a place it can collaborate and share mods knowing the content they create will always be theirs.

Board Members

As a Non-Profit organization we can only officially have 3 “Directors” who represent the organization legally.

We can however add a symbolic board to our organization.  This group of “board members” would not hold any legal power over modSanctum, but would be able to help shape the direction of modSanctum.  They will be the voice for the modders for their game.  This will allow modSanctum to focus on the improvements you all bring to the table.

The current plan is to have 3 board members represent each game.  These board members would be nominated by the players through the nomination system here on modSanctum.

Board members are not limited to mod authors.  Anyone on the site with sufficient rank can become a board member.  You just have to be willing to uphold your responsibilities as a board member.  This entire system is a work in progress so details will be released when we get closer to this.

Volunteers Wanted

We are currently looking to add to our team!

Volunteers Wanted

We are currently looking to add to our team!